An Evening with Greg Staples
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Billy Norrby: Painting Demonstration
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Q: What is a VIP ticket and how do I get one?

A: VIP tickets provide two big advantages over the free ticket (or no ticket). First, VIP ticket holders will see every piece of art that is uploaded throughout the show 48 hours before non-VIPs will see it. That means you have a two-day window to see and buy every single piece that is posted to the site between now and March before you have to battle non-VIPs for the art.

Second, VIP ticket holders have access to the entire series of IX Webinars - over 50 sessions in all, and they can be watched live OR viewed after the fact. All webinars will be recorded and will stay on the IX site through April, allowing plenty of time to watch all of the IX-y goodness!

To get a VIP ticket, just register for a free ticket and then follow the prompts to upgrade. If you've already got a free ticket, just log in and go to your Dasboard and follow the prompts from there.

Q: What is IX Online?

A: IX Online is the virtual version of the normal live IX show. Due to Covid-19, the live show was not possible this year, so we’ve packaged up all of the goodness of the live IX and packed it into the tubes on the Internet. The webinar series will begin September 25th and run through March 31st, 2021. The online galleries will go live October 21st and run through March 31st, 2021. (Yes, that’s six months of IX goodness – take that, Covid!)

Q: Do I have to buy a ticket?

A: Yes and no. There are three levels of “attendance” for IX Online:

1)    You can access the IX Online website to view all of the artistic goodness therein without registering at all. This will allow you to view all of the art and merchandise being offered for sale, email artists and buy stuff, plus see and access artist “Booth Chats.”

2)    If you sign up for a basic ticket, you can do all of the above PLUS take advantage of additional IX Online features like favoriting items and following specific artists and galleries, which is super useful when wading through the thousands of pieces of art that will be on the IX Online site. Signing up for a basic ticket is free.

3)    For $40, you can upgrade your ticket to “VIP Status.” This not only give you access to anything uploaded to the site 48 hours in advance of non-paid viewers, it ALSO gives you full access to the entire IX 2020 series of webinars, which will feature more than 40 separate sessions running from September 25th through March 31st, 2021. In addition, VIP ticket status will be required to participate in online portfolio reviews.

So, to recap – no ticket = view and buy, basic ticket = view, buy, track and favorite, and VIP ticket = view, buy, track, and favorite 48 hours in advance of everyone else AND see all the webinars and get reviews.

Q: How do I get a VIP ticket?

A: Just click on the “Register/Login” link. Select “Request a ticket,” fill in the form, and the click on the link in the confirmation email that comes. Enter a password when prompted, and then log in to the site. On the Dashboard page that appears, click "Upgrade Your Ticket to V.I.P. Status." Click the PayPal button, pay, and you're all set!

Q: What does "I Support GoggleWorks" mean?

A: A nonprofit arts center located in the former Willson Goggle Factory building in downtown Reading, GoggleWorks is the largest arts center of its kind in the country. The 145,000 square foot complex features seven teaching studios in ceramics, hot and warm glass, metalsmithing, photography, printmaking, and woodworking; 40 juried artist studios, several exhibition galleries, event rental spaces, Boscov Film Theatre, and Store. The complex also houses dozens of local dance, music, arts, and other creative businesses and cultural organizations. In addition (and most importantly), GoggleWorks is the normal home for the live IX show and one of the most amazing, inspirational spaces we've ever had the privilege to visit.

IX Arts will be donating 3% of our ticket sales to GoggleWorks this year, and artists with the "I Support GoggleWorks!" tags have pledged to donate 3% of their sales to GoggleWorks as well.

Q: Will the show feature the same art and merchandise over the whole six months?

A: Not at all! Artists will be regularly updating their booths over the months, with new works being added constantly. This is why being able to “follow” an artist of interest is particularly useful.

Q: I really love chatting with the artists at their booths. Is there a way to do that virtually?

A: Yes! We will have a running schedule of artist “booth times” with access information for when artists are doing virtual Zoom/Twitch/FB sessions. The artists will be in charge of their own sessions, so frequency will vary by artist.

Q: Will there be portfolio reviews?

A: Yes, we will be having online portfolio reviews. We’re still sorting out the most effective way to do them, but they will be available to VIP ticket holders during the course of the show.

Q: Do I have to view the webinars live, or will there be recordings to watch later?

A: The webinars will be recorded and will be available to VIP ticket holders to watch/re-watch at their leisure over the course of the show.

Q: Who are the artists participating in IX Online?

A: You can see the list of participating artists here (Main Show) and here (Showcase).

Q: If I want to buy something, how do I do so?

A: On all of the item pages there will be a button to contact the artist to inquire about a piece. Just click, message, and buy! In some cases, there will also be a direct link to an artist’s online store if they happen to have a given item there already, in which case you will be able to just click and buy directly. Just like at the live show, all transactions are directly between the buyer and the artist – IX isn’t involved in those transactions in any way.

Q: Does IX Arts have an anti-harassment policy?

A: We abhor harassing behaviors, no matter what form they may take. Since the inception of IX, we have been committed to providing an inspiring, energizing, and supportive environment and we do not, and will not condone any activities that interfere with that environment for anyone who is participating in the show. Anyone responsible for inappropriate behavior will be permanently removed from participation in all IX-related activities, regardless of whether or not those behaviors rise to the level of criminal offenses.

We have banned artists and attendees in the past for a variety of improper behaviors and will continue to do so any time such behaviors occur.

Our full Anti-Harassment Policy, including reporting information, can be found here.