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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Adventurers

ARTIST: John Dotegowski
PRICE: $0.00

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Title: The Adventurers
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $0.00
Tags: Dungeons & Dragons, Fan Art, Fantasy, Illustration, Personal Work


"The Adventurer's" 20" X 16" Oil on Gessobord
I started playing DnD again after many, many years about February. So naturally I had to do a party portrrait. And to make it more fun (sarcasm) I decided to do it in oil. 😕 I started the sketches and painting when we were level 1 so they aren't geared too crazy.
Xartan- Tiefling wizard. An arrogant noble who looked down on the rest of the party. He wasn't able to play with us long but I liked my design for him so I kept him in the painting.
Landor- Human Ranger. He tamed a dog found with some enemy NPCs. Unfortunately the dog died in a fight with some Lizardmen. I kept him in the painting though.
Perrin.-Dwarf Rogue. Played by the DM's wife.
Grimthor.- Dwarf War Cleric of Tyr. Rather dull, strict and annoying. I thikn the Rogue is seriously considering back stabbing him.
Brakkonis- (myself) Silver Dragonborn Paladin of Selune. When I started the painting he had simple chainmail but found some +1 splint since then so I decided to change it in the painting. It was quite tricky trying to paint a silver Dragonborn in a warm, red/brown setting with Yellow/Orange highlights