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ARTWORK FOR SALE: 21st Century

ARTIST: Greg Hildebrandt
PRICE: $20,000.00


Title: 21st Century
Mediums: Acrylic
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $20,000.00
Tags: Dark Art, Fantasy, Illustration, Paintings, Science Fiction


From Greg Hildebrandt's Kid Stuff series, 21st Century is the third painting in the Ray Gun sub-set. While the name is clearly a Buck Rogers reference, it is a superficial connection at best. Through this science fiction imagery, Hildebrandt seemingly chastises modern man and our refusal to listen and compromise. Even in death, the skeleton clings to its ideological weapons. Each representing equal and opposing ideals fired in mutually assured destruction. If they bring about the end of us all, so be it. Win at any cost. This painting is not without hope, however. Hildebrandt uses a tertiary lighting scenario to bring life to an otherwise inanimate object, subtly hinting that perhaps there is a third and better way.

Greg Hildebrandt (American, b. 1939)
21st Century, August 2021
Acrylic on Canvas
38 X 52 inches (96.52 X 132.08 cm)