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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Parcae (The Three Fates)

ARTIST: Kelley Hensing
PRICE: $3,400.00

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Title: Parcae (The Three Fates)
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $3,400.00
Tags: Paintings, Mythology


The word Parcae is the Roman name for the three fates. They are a personification of destiny. They rule the thread of life- the first to spin the thread, the second to measure it, and the third to cut.

My version depicts them as birth, life and death. The first creates the souls, giving the thread it’s spirit and resting against a sacred cow. The second portrays fertility, represented as the tree of life. With the third figure, the moths turn black as she cuts the thread with her teeth, her animal with a bull skull.

The piece is a Triptych with hinged side panels. (If interested I can send further photos to show scale and detail.)

26 x 38, oil on panel, frame re-purposed from an old mirror

Shipping included, to US only at this time.