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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Catacomb Keepr

ARTIST: John Dotegowski
PRICE: $500.00

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Title: Catacomb Keepr
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $500.00
Tags: RPG Artwork, Creature, Dark Art, Drawings, Dungeons & Dragons, Fan Art, Fantasy, Mythology, Paintings, Personal Work


11" x !4" Oil on Gessobord
Deep beneath Phlan our party was investigating the disappearances of some priests and looking into reports of the dead rising. We scouted deep through a maze of tunnels and then came upon a large open cavern. Inside the cavern was laid out a small city, though the buildings were only about two thirds the size of a normal one. It was a very gloomy and unsettling place. Strange noises from an unknown source echoed around us in such a way that we could not determine where they originated from. Inspecting one of the small buildings revealed it was a crypt housing the body of a long dead resident of Phlan and we then realized that this entire cavern and the buildings were catacombs for holding the dead. While we discussed our next course of action a figure appeared out of the mist and confronted us. He was tall and built powerfully. He wore full armor and carried a sword and shield. He warned us that this was not a place for the living and demanded us to leave right away. He was grim and very abrupt. We questioned his purpose here and he stated it was his sworn duty to protect the dead lying here from those that would disturb their rest. As we tried asking more questions, he again told us to leave and warned that there would be consequences should we fail to heed him. Considering his fearsome visage, and that his mission seemed honorable, we agreed that it would serve no purpose to confront him further. (and, indeed, could quite possibly cause us a great deal of harm!) We turned and retreated the way we had come. As we exited the cavern I turned and looked back one last time. I could see him battling foul ghouls and other vulgar beings that might defile the dead. Though outnumbered, he was having no difficulty dispatching those obscene things reckless enough to confront him. They then disappeared into the gloom and we left him to continue his grim pursuit