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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Keeper of Dreams

ARTIST: Kelly Potts-Martinez
PRICE: $650.00

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Title: The Keeper of Dreams
Mediums: Mixed Media, , Sculpture, , Sculpey
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $650.00
Tags: Dark Art, Faerie Art, Fantasy, Mythology, Personal Work, Sculpture, Small Works


Dreams, a place of the Otherworld, of fantasy... somtimes fears. Our sleeper sleeps, a faint blush on her cheeks. Our keeper keeps the secrets that the sleeper will forget... the blushes fading. 

This piece is created from polymer clay, clay, papier mache, wool, fabric and card.
The box frame is hand crafted from card papier mache with a molded frame front. The inner face is Sculpey that I have finished to give more of a clay atmosphere, the branches crafted from an inner core of wire with paper and air dry clay . The hair is wool that I have carded and blended to give a ghost-like softness. The sculpture I then finished with a collar of ballet tulle and ripped lace to add to the organic and ethereal atmosphere. 
This piece is 8" x 5" including the branches that 'grow' from the frame edge
The back of the shadow box has a ribbon for hanging or it can be placed on a shelf.