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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Keeper of Hope

ARTIST: Kelly Potts-Martinez
PRICE: $800.00

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Title: The Keeper of Hope
Mediums: Mixed Media, , Sculpture, , Sculpey
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $800.00
Tags: Dark Art, Faerie Art, Fantasy, Mythology, Personal Work, Sculpture, Small Works


The Keeper of Hope, eyes wide open facing the world, a resolute face, beautiful and strong. Nothing will take away hope, ever. She keeps our hopes safe, a guardian and a quiet warrior.

This piece is created from polymer clay, clay, papier mache, wool, fabric and card.
The box frame is hand crafted from card papier mache with a molded frame front. The inner face is Sculpey that I have finished to give more of a clay atmosphere, the branches crafted from an inner core of wire with paper and air dry clay . The hair is wool that I have carded and blended to give a ghost-like softness. The sculpture I then finished with a collar of ballet tulle and ripped lace to add to the organic and ethereal atmosphere. 
This piece is 10" x 8" including the branches that 'grow' from the frame edge
The back of the shadow box has a ribbon for hanging or it can be placed on a shelf.