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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Fair Faerie of Fall

ARTIST: Kelly Potts-Martinez
PRICE: $1,900.00

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Title: The Fair Faerie of Fall
Mediums: Sculpture, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $1,900.00
Tags: Dark Art, Faerie Art, Fantasy, Mythology, Personal Work, Sculpture


A piece inspired by the changing colours of the leaves as Autumn/Fall takes hold and the woodland spirits begin to gather together to ready themselves for Winter's long sleep. This is their time for one last blaze of colour, a last celebration before rest deep in the Hollow Hills.
This is a Silver sculpture piece
Gemstones : carnelian, ammonite, opalite, freshwater pearls, amber, cubic zirconia, garnet, crystal, peridot, glass, citrine.
Size approx : 5" x 3.5"