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ARTWORK FOR SALE: The Divine Haathi

ARTIST: Kelly Potts-Martinez
PRICE: $450.00


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Title: The Divine Haathi
Mediums: Mixed Media, , Sculpture, , Sculpey
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $450.00
Tags: Animals, Creature, Fantasy, Mythology, Personal Work, Small Works


The Divine is just that.... divine. Unashamedly fantastical and inspiring, a guru, a helper... beautiful and benevolent, kind and powerful. Of course, Haathi the Divine is a noble elephant, and being so noble he dresses as such, and yet there is a wisdom and kindness in his eyes. When The Divine Haathi is in your midst you will want for nothing. As great as his presence is he takes the greatest of care with even the smallest beetle... he is indeed a great soul.
This sculpture is set upon a base. It is created from a central armature covered in batting to form a body shape, with polymer clay head, feet and hands . I create and develop the costumes to bring out the story of the character and then hand make the props that will add to this. They all have a story... but they choose who to tell it to, sometimes I only know part of it. The rest the will tell to the person who gives them a home.