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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Chromatic Fates Tarot: 8 of Coins

ARTIST: Matthew Spencer
PRICE: $600.00

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Title: Chromatic Fates Tarot: 8 of Coins
Mediums: Watercolor, , Gouache, , Ink
Status: Published Art
Price: $600.00
Tags: Fantasy, Illustration, Landscape, Paintings


Artwork approx. 7.5"x12.5"
Matted in green and framed in a wooden 11x17 frame

8 of Coins, created for the Chromatic Fates Tarot, organized by artist Stephanie Cost. Each card in the Chromatic Fates Tarot follows a color scheme such that the deck as a whole spans the entire spectrum.

Being the 8 of Coins (aka the 8 of Pentacles), my color in the deck-wide rainbow was a warm green- right between the earthy yellows of the lower numbered Coins cards, and the emeralds &  turquoises of the higher Coins cards.

The scene is set at the center of a labyrinth- intended to represent the time and work gone into mastering a craft. In the distance of each is a town, which combined with the labyrinth, speaks to the self imposed isolation from potential distractions and focus on the task at hand.