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ARTWORK FOR SALE: D'Arbignal and Bag

ARTIST: Carol Phillips
PRICE: $150.00


Title: D'Arbignal and Bag
Mediums: Graphite
Status: Published Art
Price: $150.00
Tags: Books, Children's Book Art, Dark Art, Drawings, Fantasy, Illustration



Shara and The haunted Village

About This Piece

This Artwork was created in 2015 by fantasy artist Carol Phillips. Created for The book Shara and the Haunted Village by Jeff Getzin

- Artwork measures appox. 9 x 12 in
- Art is sold loose no matting or framing.
- Comes packaged in plastic sleeve
- Pencil on bristol board.
A Total of 15 plates were created for the book!

This is Your chance to own a piece of original Published Carol Phillips artwork:)

She has since gone on to illustrate numerous novels, and continues to work freelance.