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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Zirconia-mermaid - carol phillips -pastel

ARTIST: Carol Phillips
PRICE: $4,999.00

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Zirconia Detail 2

Zirconia Detail


Title: Zirconia-mermaid - carol phillips -pastel
Mediums: Pastels
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $4,999.00
Tags: Classical Realism, Creature, Fantasy, Illustration, Mythology, Nude, Paintings, Personal Work, Siren/Mermaid


43 x 30 x 1.5 inches on  masonite and wood frame.

Zirconia is the newest mermaid in my Vintage Mermaids Series.
She is my  10th mermaid in the series and  the first addition to this series in about 10 yrs.

I started this mermaid series as a very young artist, and over the years it has evolved as i have evolved as an artist.

Zirconia is a fantastical mermaid who may look harmless, but speaks about our worlds global warming issues. She reflects the glamor, self indulgence and self interest of the western world. As she sits on her iceberg as it melts into the sea, holding a freshly harvested narwhal horn, and drapes herself with a life like polar bear fur,  beside an oil slicked sea.

This piece was an adventure to create, I created my own support form 1 x 2 boards and Masonite. It is coated with layers of art spectrum sanded ground and many different brands of high quality pastels were used in making the piece.   

Colors are more dynamic in person and  there are even some subtle hints of  iridecent  pastels that were used  sparingly as finishing touches on the mermaid.

Purchase price includes Shipping costs. Painting will come to you UNFRAMED and need special attention for framing as pastels are  delicate.  Artist will provide suggestions for your framer.

Please email if you are interested in purchasing  this piece.
I accept Payment Via PayPal.