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ARTWORK FOR SALE: "The Mechanic" - Stellar Sloth Ology Brewing Beer Label

ARTIST: Christopher Burdett
PRICE: $700.00

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Title: "The Mechanic" - Stellar Sloth Ology Brewing Beer Label
Mediums: Colored Pencil, , Acrylic
Status: Published Art
Price: $700.00
Tags: Animals, Creature, Drawings, Illustration, Science Fiction, Space Art


"The Mechanic" - 17 x 14 - colored pencil and acrylic paint on paper

This is the original art for the Stellar Sloth beer label produced for the fourth-anniversary celebration for Ology Brewing. This is one of three labels that I designed and created for Ology. The labels were finished digitally.

Included with the drawing is an unused beer label. The label is still affixed to plastic and is from the production line of labels.

Please contact me with any questions.