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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Three of Wands

ARTIST: Mary Ancilla Martinez

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Title: Three of Wands
Mediums: Oils
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: SOLD
Tags: Animals, Fantasy, Illustration, Mythology, Paintings, Personal Work, Small Works


Oil on Illustration Board

I based my three of wands meaning inspiration off one of my favorite decks-the Mary El Tarot deck, as opposed to the Rider Waite.  Of course Marie White, the creator of the deck, was influenced by Rider Waite as well as the Thoth deck, but she goes a bit deeper into the alchemy, Tree of Life, etc and what she writes about the three of wands card inspired me.  Though I have the third wand in her hair, I see her as the wand itself and the wand in her hair as an extension of her which includes everything in the horizontal directions.  She does look a bit like the traditional World card, which was not intentional but which I noticed later! Perhaps subconsciously I wanted to work on The World? Who knows what goes on in those other than conscious realms of ours!

Marie of the Mary El Tarot deck writes "The three of wands calls down the creative gaze and grace of God.  It is the third pillar in the Kabbalistic tree of life, the pillar of Mildness which reconciles the pillars of mercy and severity.  It is the Kundalini, the serpent which coils at the base of the spine. Sex and knowledge between the two trees, two people, two aspects of the self or heavens and earth, as in the six-pointed star, the merging of male and female, sets the Kundalini in motion: pushing up through the spine creating the third pillar through which the lightning of God can blast down and through which our consciousness can travel up"