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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Goblin's Poker Game

ARTIST: Tina Parsons
PRICE: $950.00

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Title: Goblin's Poker Game
Mediums: Sculpture, , Sculpey, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $950.00
Tags: Creature, Fantasy, Sculpture


This is a very unique complete set of goblins sitting around a table playing poker. There is no cheating here. (wink wink) This is their regular Friday night hangout. They get together and play with whatever they have pilfered that week.

Goblins’ heads, hands, and feet have been sculpted out of polymer clay over a wire armature. The arms and legs can be gently posed. Each goblin has been painted and dressed to match their personality. They vary from about 10-12 inches tall if they were standing. The tabletop is loose and is 8 inches wide. It rests on a pottery piece. The items on the tabletop are glued on. This is a fascinating conversation piece. All five goblins are included with something for each to sit on as well as the tabletop and stand.

  • comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • measures: varies
  • medium: Polymer clay with