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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Green Sea Turtle

ARTIST: James Herrmann
PRICE: $3,500.00

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Additional Images:

Green Sea Turtle, left side view


Title: Green Sea Turtle
Mediums: Bronze, , Sculpture, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $3,500.00
Tags: Animals, Classical Realism, Personal Work, Sculpture


Medium – Cast bronze on stone base
Dimensions – 12”H x 12”W x 12”D  approx. 25lbs including stone base
Cast Bronze Edition 
During the summer of 2008 I had an opportunity to visit the country of Costa Rica. While there I spent two nights at a location along the shores of the Caribbean in the northeast of the country called Tortuguero or “place of the turtles”. I watched big green sea turtles swimming in the surf and coming ashore to nest. It was this experience that inspired me to create several sea turtle sculptures including “Green Sea Turtle”. 
Green Sea Turtle is made from a combination of solid and hollow cast bronze.
It is a sculpture of a green sea turtle swimming around a coral head in a warm tropical sea.