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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Master Braithwaite (Bronze)

ARTIST: Rebecca Smith
PRICE: $3,800.00

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Title: Master Braithwaite (Bronze)
Mediums: Bronze
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $3,800.00
Tags: Creature, Faerie Art, Fantasy, Sculpture


Whether you put him in your garden or keep him in our house, Master Braithwaite will take charge of any plants that you have. His organisational skills are second to none as is his lack of tolerance for those that may seek to argue against him. 
Plants must bloom at the right time and he will not tolerate any late sleepers (apparently he has had to press this point rather harshly with many a daffodil throughout his years). He takes pride in his ability to keep trailing plants from over extending their reach and in making sure that everyone gets the nutrients and care that they need to thrive. He is there to care for and also to take charge of your garden or your house plants and to make sure that you always have a healthy and beautiful green space.
Master Braithwaite is cast in bronze and sits at 17 inches tall.