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ARTWORK FOR SALE: Targg, the Carver

ARTIST: James Herrmann
PRICE: $7,200.00

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Additional Images:

Targg the Carver, back view

Targg the Carver, head close-up


Title: Targg, the Carver
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $7,200.00
Tags: Creature, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Sculpture, Space Art


Targg the Carver was commissioned by D-Verse Publishing, creators of the game Nexis.  The Nexis is indimentional center of the universe.  Its is a place wonderous in its diversity, grand in its scope and history.  It is also a realm of great barbarity.  The pastime of the creatures residing there are gladitorial games.  Targg was born and bred in the pits, created to be a warrior of fierce skill and single minded focus.  
With each win, with each victory,  Targg "begins to realize his worth".

Diverse would like to "do something nice" for a purchaser of this sculpture although I have no idea of actually what they have planned

Targg is cast bronze mounted on black granite 
28"H x 17"D x 17"W