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ARTIST: James Herrmann
PRICE: $7,600.00

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Additional Images:

Mesozoic Ammonite, left side view

Heteromorph, back view


Title: Heteromorph
Mediums: Bronze, , Sculpture, , Mixed Media
Status: Unpublished Art
Price: $7,600.00
Tags: Animals, Classical Realism, Creature, Paleoart, Personal Work, Sculpture


Medium – Cast bronze on a marble base
Dimensions – 42”H x 30”W x 20”D
Limited edition of 15 

Heteromorphic Ammonites are a type of coiled shelled cephalopods that lived in our oceans and seas during the Mesozoic Era. They are related to living modern octopus and squid species. On land, the Mesozoic was the age of dinosaurs but in the oceans it was another story. In the oceans, enormous marine reptiles like the ichthyosaur, the mosasaur and plesiosaur ruled. They, along with Mesozoic sharks and other fish, were the dominant predators of these ancient seas. A Heteromorphic Ammonite would have been potential prey to these large predators. Camouflage its large size and a body heavily armored inside a spiked shell helped protect the ammonite.
Heteromorphic Ammonite is actually a sculpture of a particular type of heteromorph called crioceratites. Crioceratites had an open spiral shell that featured symmetrical patterns of increasingly large spines radiating around the shell. I am showing the ammonite moving through a waving forest of kelp, ever vigilant to both predator and prey.

I scuba dive and have swam through sea grass while waves passed by overhead.  You can feel the wave basepull you along the bottom and back and forth as the wave passes by.  In a particularly deep dive in the bahamas, far below the wave base there was still a particularly strong current that lef the sea anemones and algae rippling like a field of wheat in a strong breeze.  I have never dove in a kelp forest but can imagine the fronds waving in the current, an can imagine this ammonite picking its way among the leaves.