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ARTIST: Matthew Huntley
PRICE: $1,700.00

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Additional Images:

Initial Drawing

Covering the Surface

Adding Figures to the Foreground


Title: Lacing Up
Mediums: Oils
Status: Published Art
Price: $1,700.00
Tags: Classical Realism, Illustration, Paintings, Personal Work, Science Fiction


Lacing Up
2020, oil on canvas, 14 x 29 inches.
Varnished, framed and ready to hang.

The massive hangar door groaned unwillingly but managed to raise nevertheless. Someone would need to see to that, but when? Who? There were too many essential tasks to be done, and not enough people to do them.

Wearily, the Director led the recruit out beyond the safety of the viewing platform and into the hangar proper. Dalia, nearly a recruit herself, pulled taut on laces as thick as young trees. The incursions were happening ever more frequently now, increasing geometrically, and it was no longer possible to protect everyone everywhere. Battles were decided based on the number of lives at stake and the odds of victory, not to mention how fast a location could even be reached.

The Director looked from Dalia to the recruit and placed a hand on her; are you sure you want this? It wasn't spoken. Lioness needed every woman willing and able to fight for the coming exodus inland, though the Director would never force another to take up the burden.

The flash of tension across the recruit's body was confirmation of her resolve. Moments later, Dalia rose and sprinted out with fists clenched. Lioness would pull humanity up by its bootstraps, or go down swinging.