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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: SUBSTANCE (body)- Beautiful Framed Giclee on canvas

ARTIST: Tom Fleming
PRICE: $225.00


Title: SUBSTANCE (body)- Beautiful Framed Giclee on canvas
Price: $225.00
Tags: Fantasy, Illustration, Mythology, Personal Work, Prints


Part two of the Three Part series: Mind, Body and Soul. The intricate beauty of the physical form. The temporal vessel that houses, and reflects each unique native's mental and spiritual energy. Design Note: A gold chakra vortice is present over the head on 'Imagination', adjacent to the torso on 'Substance' and over the heart on 'Essence'. Internationally acclaimed award winning artist Tom Fleming's fine Art series. This is a custom framed archival Giclee on canvas. Measuring 12" x 33" and ready to hang.