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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Hope and Dreams Pocket Doll - Hope

ARTIST: Kelly Potts-Martinez
PRICE: $80.00

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Title: Hope and Dreams Pocket Doll - Hope
Price: $80.00
Tags: Faerie Art, Fantasy, Personal Work, Sculpture, Small Works


Hope is from the Hopes and Dreams collection of pocket sized dolls, just small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, a tiny companion to carry around and keep you company.
Little Hope looks just that... full of  hope. She has pertty blue eyes and the cutest dimples. For each of the dolls in this collection I embroidered hedgerow or meadow flowers, and insects on their clothes. Hope's dress has Primrose flowers and Muscari, and and Orange Tip butterfly. Each girl doll also has a little quote embroidered on her skirt. Hope has 'The Hope of Spring'. 
The dolls are jointed, designed to sit posed on a shelf, box or cushion. 
These dolls are approx 5" tall