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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: "Daphne in Hiding"

ARTIST: Ed Binkley
PRICE: $55.00

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Title: "Daphne in Hiding"
Price: $55.00
Tags: Drawings, Fantasy, Mythology, Personal Work


Archival print, 16"h x 12"w.;  After her transformation, the laurel-Daphne must surely spend much of her time dreaming. What would those dreams be like? Would she dream of escaping her destiny? In her dreams would she live and hide indefinitely, always mindful of her pursuer, always on the verge of re-morphing, on the verge of losing herself again? Would she begin to transform each time the relentless god approached, then recover when he fails to find her? How many eons could she endure? How many guises would she adopt over a score of centuries?

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Ed Binkley
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