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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Nyx 12x16 inch print

ARTIST: Kaysha Siemens
PRICE: $25.00

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Title: Nyx 12x16 inch print
Price: $25.00
Tags: Mythology, Paintings, Prints, Space Art


Print reproduction of "Nyx." Original painting is oil on board, and is available.

Part of the Mnemosyne Greek Mythology series.

Nyx is the goddess of night, who pulls her veil of darkness across the sky every evening, ushering in restful sleep and the beauty of the stars.

Originally painted for the Beautiful Bizarre exhibition “Ritual” at Haven Gallery, 2019.

Professional print on acid-free heavyweight paper, signed in lower right corner by the artist. Open edition. Total dimensions including white margin are 12x16 inches. Title and artist’s name appear below the image. If the collector wishes to frame the print, the margin allows framing directly in a 12x16 inch frame without need for matting, and without worry that any of the image or text will be obscured.