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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: Interstellar Voyager - Print

PRICE: $39.00

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Title: Interstellar Voyager - Print
Price: $39.00
Tags: Personal Work, Prints, Space Art


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16 x 12 inch plus 3/8 inch white border

In 2012, the Voyager 1 spacecraft became the first human made object to enter interstellar space and it is the furthest away any human made object has ever traveled, at a distance of more than 20 light hours. In case it is ever found by intelligent life, Voyager carries a golden phonograph record of sounds and images of earth.

"The Voyager record would include greetings in sixty human languages and one whale language, an evolutionary audio essay, 116 pictures of life on Earth and ninety minutes of music from a glorious divers

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