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MERCHANDISE FOR SALE: The Mechanic - DVD - Step by Step Painting Process

ARTIST: Donato Giancola
PRICE: $29.00


Title: The Mechanic - DVD - Step by Step Painting Process
Price: $29.00
Tags: Epic Works, Illustration, Paintings, Personal Work, Science Fiction, Space Art


Product Details

Join 23 time Chesley Award winner Donato Giancola in his Brooklyn studio for three days as he creates his space masterpiece, The Mechanic, in a video premiering his working techniques.

Donato begins the five hour video with his approach to models and photographic reference, used to add a high degree of realism and detail to his thumbnail sketch. Work then progresses onto his use of a preliminary drawing and into his unique mounting methods for transferring the drawing to a final panel support. The finishing work in oil painting gives him opportunity to cover everything from the use of glazes to color theory to generate delicate subtleties in portraiture and eye-popping metallic surfaces. Throughout the video Donato generously passes on his years of experience and ends the experience by inviting the viewer to surpass his own accomplishments.

5 hours total time on two DVDs. All Regions compatible.

Donato Giancola Photograph
Donato Giancola
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