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Erika Richards
I received my BFA in Illustration from Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA. In the summer of 2019, I started my business Erika L. Illustrations LLC. Erika L. LLC prides itself on putting quality artwork first. "If the work must be brilliant, everything else will fall into place." Erika L. Illustrations produces pristine art and merchandise with an emphasis on Afrocentrism and black women. I am supported by my mother CFO Sherida Douglass and I am currently growing Erika L. to become one of the most preeminent art companies in the world. My artistic focus is black women of grandeur and fantasy. My art is a reminder to the world that black people’s existence surpasses the American History story. We are deeply woven into human existence. We were there wearing the same fashion, same hairstyles with wealth and influence. The viewer will have an epiphany…seeing the majesty of black people penetrating the world far beyond class, race, and culture.