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Christine Myshka

Christine fell in love with the artworks of Roger Dean, Michael Whalen, Alphonse Mucha, Gustave Klimt, Antonio Lopez, and J.W. Waterhouse, to name a few. Music, literature, nature and travel are also a continual source of inspiration. With these inspirations the passion to create “was sparked!” From drawing the human body, with its shapes and how it moves, to a forest of twisted trees with their textures and sounds, to the shapes and colors of massive boulders, composed of compressed earth and minerals shaped by wind and water. All of these inspirations possess their own unique characteristics that inspire ideas, patterns and designs.
Using these inspirations to create artworks, Christine pours all her creative energy into working in the visual arts; from illustration, to fine art and murals. Blank surfaces and spaces all call out to be “transformed” by having art made for them and on them -- and Christine loves to make that transformation happen!


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