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Sarah Miller

Sarah MW Miller is a Virginia-based artist whose work explores existential expression to navigate the space between art and psychology. Through digital art and writing she uses fantasy and surrealism to look at the darkness and beauty balanced inside our intricate minds, encouraging discussion and awareness about mental health and self-acceptance.

As an autistic artist, art is a way for Sarah's mind to know itself, just as it is a bridge for her thoughts and ideas to reach others—to communicate in ways that words never could. Her subjects challenge concepts of morality, identity, and the illusion of normalcy surrounding the social stigmas of mental disorder. Motivated by a love of dark fantasy and horror, she hopes to turn her illustration, writing, and world-building skills into inspiration and resources for others who are navigating their own existences, creating more open atmospheres where people can feel less alone with who they are.

Sarah's undergraduate studies included visual arts, creative writing, game design, philosophy, and psychology, earning her Bachelors of Individualized Study in Visual Design and Narrative. Since her time at university, Sarah has created game art for Chaosium, worked as Creative Director for local businesses, and illustrated comics that help teach children and teens with autism. Now she focuses on her freelance art career full-time, immersing herself in passion projects that inspire her