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Ken Kvamme
Ken is a realist artist working in oils and other media where he focuses on portraiture, historical illustration, SyFy, Fantasy, and what the Art Renewal Center refers to as 'Imaginative Realism.' He is also a university scientist and teacher who utilizes geophysics and remote sensing to locate archaeological remains throughout the world. He finds painting a great escape from academic stresses.

Kvamme's artwork has been published in multiple venues, including in several volumes of 'Infected by Art,' and has been shown in galleries from Colorado to Pennsylvania and from Illinois to Arkansas with multiple awards. His passion lies in painting people in all their forms and varieties, especially those he meets in his travels. Doing so forces an intimate connection and an urge to capture character and spiritual essence, but also to gain the viewer's attention.

Most recently, Ken's art has been displayed in the 'Real People 2021' exhibit in Woodstock, Illinois, in the international exhibit 'Femme' by Art Fluent with a third place finish, and an honorable mention in the 'Outside the Box' category of the Portrait Society of America's members only competition. He has previously displayed in Illuxcon and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live shows.
Shai-hulud of Dune
$1,650.00   $1,500.00
$1,800.00   $1,650.00
Lost Love
$1,700.00   $1,400.00
The Dragon Rider
$3,000.00   $2,600.00
Fremen Warrior of Dune
$1,750.00   $1,650.00
I Heart New York
$4,000.00   $3,500.00
$1,500.00   $1,350.00
The Guardians
$1,800.00   $1,650.00
The Defender
Knight Defender
$1,600.00   $1,200.00
Lost Cause
$1,600.00   $1,200.00
Dune Crossing
$1,650.00   $1,500.00
Space Mona
$2,000.00   $1,750.00
St. George and the Dragon
$1,500.00   $1,200.00
Viking Assault!
$3,000.00   $2,500.00
$1,600.00   $1,200.00