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Annalisa Schaefer
Annalisa Schaefer is a freelance artist living in Southwestern Connecticut, spending most hours of the day managing her very active toddler and two cats, Bossy Boots and Arthur.  Annalisa grew up with an obsession with The Lord of the Rings, a love of which now includes a passion for the Song of Ice and Fire book series and the Farseer novels of Robin Hobb. Most especially she is moved by the work of Brené Brown, whose TED Talk about vulnerability was a lifechanging revelation. Her current works explore vulnerability and the armor, sometimes literal, we use to protect ourselves from intense emotions.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Annalisa has experience with personal commissioned portraits for both people and pets, and once a beloved motorcycle. Although Annalisa has not yet done a fantasy-themed commission she's very interested in the possibility.

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