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John C. Nelson
Fun to Fantasy - So many ideas, so little time. Working in both traditional and digital mediums. Time passes far too quickly when creating and once a piece is complete I can't wait to start another. 

Residing in Buffalo NY with a BSA in Design degree and many years in the printing and graphic arts industry. 

Garden Warriors
$1,800.00   $1,500.00
Mayan Princess
$675.00   $500.00
Follow the Rainbow
$375.00   $325.00
Surprise Attack
$325.00   $250.00
School of Thought
$750.00   $625.00
Yibb Tstll - The Patient One
$2,200.00   $2,000.00
Writhing Tides
$375.00   $325.00

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I would love the opportunity to work with you!

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