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Colin and Kristine Poole
A dynamic husband-wife artistic team, Colin and Kristine Poole are known for their classically inspired contemporary realism.

While they both maintain individual bodies of work, their collaborative clay and bronze sculptures have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Spectrum, IBA, ARC and Masters of Contemporary Fine Art. In 2020, they received the First Place Sculpture Award in Beautiful Bizarre’s International Art Prize and their sculptures were nominated for awards in Spectrum 27, Infected by Art and the Chesleys.

Their oeuvre spans the petite to life-sized and includes monumental bronze public art works, most recently for the Carnegie Library in Michigan. Collectively they have been commissioned to create works for National Geographic, National Audubon, Spectrum, Denver Comic Con, Daimler-Benz, Lourdes Cathedral - France as well as various Fortune 500 companies.

As founders of the Spectrum Muse Award, the Pooles present this annual award to an emerging new voice in Imaginative Realism. They are honored to have juried Spectrum, Infected by Art and the St. John's College Walter S. Baird Award for Art and Literature. They frequently donate time to give presentations on art and business and are monthly contributors to Muddy Colors.

They currently live and create in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains overlooking Santa Fe surrounded by their menagerie of birds and beasts.
Wind in the Waves enlargement
$34,000.00   $28,000.00
Ibis Bronze Talisman Skulls
$75.00   $65.00
Cow Bronze Talisman Skulls
$50.00   $40.00
Tiger Boy
$1,500.00   $1,350.00
Boaris and Leo
$2,900.00   $2,700.00
The Nixie in the Pond
$1,100.00   $950.00
$3,900.00   $3,400.00
Born of Root and Stone: The Highlands
$12,000.00   $9,000.00
Sylen: Song of the Shoals
$2,200.00   $1,500.00
Leucothea: The White Goddess
$2,000.00   $900.00
Vanquishing of the Self
$8,500.00   $7,900.00
$10,000.00   $7,000.00
Le Fromager
$3,500.00   $2,600.00
Gift of the Faun and Dancing Faun
$13,800.00   $12,900.00
Woodland Satyr
$3,000.00   $2,800.00
Tiger Man
Tapir Gal
$1,500.00   $1,350.00
Eve Chooses Choice
$9,500.00   $8,500.00
Born of the Elements
$12,000.00   $9,000.00
Born of the Valley of Mists
$12,000.00   $9,000.00
Sula: The Wind in the Waves
$2,200.00   $1,500.00
Helle and Krios Khrysomallos
$1,800.00   $900.00
$7,000.00   $4,500.00
$7,500.00   $7,200.00
Evening of the Peacock
$10,000.00   $8,000.00
Mink Bronze Talisman Skulls
$80.00   $70.00
Cape Buffalo Raconteur
$1,500.00   $1,350.00
Barasingha Lady
$1,500.00   $1,350.00
St. Palli Grrl
$9,500.00   $8,900.00
$3,900.00   $3,400.00
Born of the Elements II
$12,000.00   $9,000.00
Spirit of the Glen: Woodland Goddess
$12,000.00   $9,000.00
$1,800.00   $950.00
$9,500.00   $8,900.00
Denouement: Passage to Elysium
$10,000.00   $7,000.00
Vishnu's Third Avatar
$7,500.00   $7,200.00

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