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Erika Taguchi-Newton
Hello, Art Lovers! Welcome to my virtual IX Booth. 
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My Bio:

Erika Taguchi-Newton is fine artist and illustrator, using traditional methods. By blending a unique style of delicate graphite work and many thin layers of acrylic paint, she achieves a dreamlike quality in her illustrations which explores nature, whimsy and storybook-like narrative. Her style is inspired by her love of classic children’s book illustrations, animation and film, and vintage science fiction and fantasy book covers.

Born in Japan, Erika lived in many different places from Germany to Washington D.C.. She graduated in 1994 from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and still calls South Florida her home. She attends a small number of conventions such as DragonCon, GenCon, Spectrum Live, and Illuxcon, as well as a handful of art fairs in the Southeast. Still awake? Enjoy IX and all the great artists!


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