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Rhonda Libbey

Known for her highly stylized symbolist work in oil and gold leaf, Rhonda Libbey is a painter and professional illustrator with over 2 decades of experience. Her artwork has been published in magazines, books, movies, and tabletop games. Her strong sense of design comes from her years of working as a graphic designer and art director. 

A dreamlike quality is a hallmark of Rhonda’s work. She delights creating images with powerful color and symbols that invite the viewer into that dream world. 

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Paintings in oil and 24 karat gold leaf
5"x7" $500, 8"x10" $1000
Other sizes available, price will vary according to size and complexity. Ask for a quote anytime, I'm happy to help!

Request Commission!

Determined, how light shines on the original painting
The Groundskeeper, how light shines on the original painting
Jareth the Goblin King, light shining on original painting
We're All Mad Here, how light shines on the original painting
Your Booth Image
Rhonda Libbey
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