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J. Anthony Kosar
J. Anthony Kosar is a Special FX Make-Up Artist, Sculptor, and Illustrator through his company Kosart Studios based in Chicago, but works across the continent. Some of his many credits include Candyman (2020), Fargo (Season 4), Lovecraft Country, Empire, Chicago PD, NeXT, Shameless, and many others.  Along with being a MUFX Department Head & Designer, Kosar also designs and sculpts prototypes for toys, masks, and collectibles, illustrates for novels and comic books, creates fine art paintings and sculptures, curates fine art gallery exhibitions, and teaches the Art of FX through his studio. In 2013, Kosar became the FACE OFF Season 4 Champion, winning 6 of 11 Spotlight Challenges, setting the record of most consecutive wins in a row and most wins by a single contestant on a single season. His work has appeared in SPECTRUM, Infected By Art, Fangoria, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, SPLASH 13, and others. He helped judge SPECTRUM 21, and has designed and created the new SPECTRUM Awards that have been used for 4 annuals to date. Kosar is proud to have been juried into the IlluXCon Main Show since 2013. Kosar attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL, earning his BFA in Illustration, and was Valedictorian of the class of 2008.
$1,850.00   $1,600.00
Count Von Sterben - Original
$350.00   $300.00
Smokey Joe & The Inferno
$800.00   $700.00
$1,250.00   $1,000.00
Count Von Sterben - Purple
$350.00   $300.00
NOX: Demon Overlord
$2,500.00   $2,250.00
Count Von Sterben - Blue
$350.00   $300.00
Aleon & Aleen
$3,350.00   $3,000.00

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Commissions can include paintings and illustrations, or sculptures, masks, busts, one-of-a-kinds, etc.  For any and all commissions, prices are dependent on scale and medium of what is requested.  Also, time frames are dependent on Kosart Studios' film/television contracts and production schedule.  J. Anthony Kosar will be upfront based on what his project / production pipeline looks like.  Thank you for your interest.

Request Commission!

Making the Spectrum Awards
Meet J. Anthony Kosar - Face Off 4 Audition Video