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Don Maitz
Welcome to my Virtual Art Booth with displays of recent book commissions, previously published works, sketches, and odd ends.  During 2019, I completed works illustrating Stephen King’s, THE STAND, about -a dangerously contagious airborne virus. A fictional story that has found a real time, world wide parallel that we are still encountering.   Many unframed originals from that illustrated edition are offered here.

    Don Maitz has produced imaginative paintings that have been published for 45 years. He’s the original creator of the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum character and an award winning  artist of  books, magazines, game art, and advertising. National Geographic, DC & Marvel Comics, Paramount and Warner Pictures, and many book publishers are clients. Maitz twice won science fiction's Hugo award for best artist,  He received a Howard award, ten Chesley awards, an Inkpot award, and a Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators. Maitz has exhibited in over forty museums.  He is a Signature member of the American Society of Marine Artists where he attempts to add legitimacy to his pirate artworks.

Web site: www.paravia.com/DonMaitz
email (preferred contact)-  [email protected]

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Commissions are produced similar to how I create paintings for reproduction. I discuss what the image is to entail, produce small pencil roughs, color sketch or sketches, then final art.  Email updates with images are provided. Reproduction rights are not included with the sale. Size, price, and medium are negotiable and vary regarding scope and content.  The time frame is subject to circumstances.
The video section of my booth presents of how I completed a personal commission of Stephen King’s Gunslinger character. The acrylic sketch featured is available in my Booth.

I do not do Facebook messaging,  Twitter, Linkedin,Instagram, Pinterest, or other outlets.   Just e-mail at:  [email protected]

Request Commission!

Making of Gunslinger painting
Don Maitz Slideshow of Artwork
Time Lapse Public Painting Demo