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Tom Kidd

Who am I? Humans and chimpanzees are genetically within a couple of percentage points, therefore we are 99.999% plus alike.  All my acquired experience is what makes me different than you. Here they are:


Over the 40 years I've worked as a fantasy illustrator, I've won tons of awards and done many hundreds of paintings and thousands of drawings. Most of my professional work has been covers for science fiction or fantasy books. I've worked as a concept artist on movies, designed figurines, worked on theme parks, and illustrated many books. All of this artwork continues to make me better at my job, and I expect it will continue to do so. Trust me. I know what I am doing.

My art: https://tomkidd.myportfolio.com

I'm Accepting Commissions!
Yes. Email me. Know that as of 10/12/20, I'm a couple months away from beginning anything.

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