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Donato Giancola
Original Artworks direct from the studio of Donato Giancola.

The paintings and drawings available here range from gallery exhibitions, illustration assignments, studio projects, and various commissions I have undertaken. Details are provided on the history and publication of each piece.

I ship domestically and internationally. Shipping fees are in addition to the prices listed, and would be happy to supply price quotes as requested.

My dedication to the craft of narrative, imaginative realism can be found on the covers of over 300 science fiction and fantasy novels, 130 Magic cards, and has landed numerous peer honors including 3 Hugo Awards, 23 Chesley Awards, Gold and Silver Medals from Spectrum, and the Grand Master recognition by the board of Spectrum.

To further the expansion and appreciation of the genre I instruct artists through the SmArt School and lecture extensively at conventions and universities worldwide.

Current projects include interpreting J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, ongoing commercial assignments with books, Magic: The Gathering card art, and explorations on the developing themes of Empathetic Robots and astronauts.

Notable clients include The United Nations, LucasArts, National Geographic, Scientific American, CNN, DC Comics, Microsoft, Hasbro, US Postal Service, Wizards of the Coast, and Tor Books.

I'm Accepting Commissions!
I am open to various types of commercial and private commissions. Typically I accept content which is in line with the portfolio and imagery seen on my website and within the show here at IX Arts ( I have many diverse interests - Robots, Middle-earth, Science fiction, D&D, Astronauts, Fantasy, Magic:The Gathering, Landscapes, Mythology, Portraits, and Hands!)

For specifics regarding commissions including rates, delivery times, and process please email me at: [email protected]

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Painting Joan Of Arc
The Mechanic Demonstration with Donato Giancola
Donato Giancola Photograph
Donato Giancola
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