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Dave Seeley

I'd almost always rather be making new art, than hanging at a convention, but IX is the exception.  It's been an amazing venue for sharing with fellow artists, students and collectors.  It's literally a love-fest.  I have many dear friends that I'd never have known if not for IX.  I'm so happy to be back LIVE in person!, but happy to be here too for those that cannot make the show.  Thanks a ton to Pat and Jeannie, and point man Bill Cox for making this happen.

I've been lucky enough to make images for mega-properties like Star Wars and Marvel Comics, along with a slew of publishers of genre sci fi and fantasy for book covers.  It's a thrill to be able to contribute to those properties, but more and more I am making paintings for me alone, and loving that.  You'll see both kinds of paintings here on my panels at IX.

Signed Numbered Limited Edition prints available at DaveSeeley.com.

Slipcased Collectors' Edition of, The Art of Dave Seeley, available at $65 + slip-in PRINT
The Witcher: The Wild Hunt - Sundown
$6,500.00   $6,300.00
Fiona #1
Transcendent Lynne
$5,800.00   $5,600.00
How Dark The World Becomes
$6,700.00   $6,500.00
Afterlife: Six Gun Graham
$2,900.00   $2,700.00
Afterlife: Fist of the Dragon
$2,300.00   $2,100.00
David Falkayn: Star Trader
$3,800.00   $3,600.00
Finders Keepers
$3,800.00   $3,600.00
Audrey #1
$5,500.00   $5,300.00
Brook Rapt
$4,500.00   $4,300.00
Star Wars Riptide
$3,500.00   $3,300.00
Diving Into The Wreck
$3,200.00   $3,000.00
BattleTech Akuma
$650.00   $600.00
San Diego
Tarzan of the Apes
$5,200.00   $5,000.00
Azteca Jaguar Priestess
$7,500.00   $7,300.00
Hard Boiled - Last Curtain
$3,700.00   $3,500.00
Afterlife: Dr J Goes to Work
$3,700.00   $3,500.00
The Eternity Artifact
$2,900.00   $2,800.00
Red Hot Rain
$5,600.00   $5,400.00
Audrey #2
Empire of Man
$3,400.00   $3,200.00
Star Wars Blood Oath
$5,400.00   $5,200.00
Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
$4,000.00   $3,800.00
The Crow
$900.00   $800.00
Azteca Jaguar Warrior
$3,500.00   $3,300.00
$3,200.00   $3,000.00
AfterLife: Sarah's Extraction
$3,200.00   $3,000.00
KnockOut - Lindsey Jo
$3,100.00   $3,000.00
$4,500.00   $4,300.00
Erica #1
$5,500.00   $5,300.00
Vatta Wars: Command Decision
$4,500.00   $4,200.00
Star Wars: Crosscurrents
$4,500.00   $4,300.00
The Dark Crusade
$3,200.00   $3,000.00

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50% deposit.  Current delivery is 4 months from deposit.  Thanks!

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Dave Seeley
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